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Time To Level Up Your Brand!

Ring in the new year with our exclusive deal! For the month of January, save $5,000 on our top-of-the-line brand story video package. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer - it's the lowest price we'll offer all year! Upgrade your brand's story and make an impact with a professionally produced video.

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50+ 5 Star Ratings

Why do you need a brand story video?

A brand story video is a short video that gives an overview of a brand's products, services, mission, values, and unique selling points. It is a useful tool for introducing a brand to potential customers, partners, and stakeholders, and for reinforcing the brand's image and message in the market. A brand overview video can be used on a company's website, social media channels, and at events and trade shows. It can also be shared with the media to provide a quick and engaging summary of the brand.

4 step process


The creative session

The creative session

A creative session is where we generate ideas for your brand story video. This session will include brainstorming, concept mapping and taking your foundation to build something engaging to generate ROI and brand awareness!


post production

Post-production is the process of editing and refining video footage after it has been shot. This can include tasks such as color correction, audio mixing, and special effects. The goal of post-production is to turn raw footage into a polished final product that is ready for distribution. 



Production day is an absolute blast to work with us, we take the plan from the creative session and bring things to life in a major way. We provide all the gear and a very inspiring vibe to help bring out the best of you and your team. 


delivery & strategy 

You will receive your video within 7-10 days via Wipster where you can not only view your video but add comments for our editors to make the changes needed to make your video perfect. 

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN my package?

Brand Story Package

normally   $10,000

Dual Film Camera Setup,
With Boom Mic And Pro Lighting

Drone Footage and Timelapse

Animated Brand Logo

1 Location, 4 Hour Coverage

Brand Story Video, 2-3 Minutes
Social Cut, 15-30 Seconds

7-10 Day Digital Delivery Via Wipster

Brand Story Hulu Package

normally   $20,000

The Brand Story Package (Included)

Marketing And
Advertising Strategy

Hulu Ad Account Management

Hulu Ad Campaign 

Priority Client Management


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